Get caught up

on your taxes

Learn about the IRS Streamlined program available to certain expats

What is the streamlined program?

The Streamlined Program is a great solution for those behind on their taxes. The IRS allows Americans living abroad to avoid the normal penalties and fees when filing missing returns. Our tax experts will prepare your late returns and stand beside you each step of the way.

More than 65,000 Americans have already utilized this program. 

What needs to be filed?

The US government will forgive missed years if you complete the streamlined filing procedure, which includes:

File 6 years of past due Foreign Bank Account Reports (2012-2017)

6 years
of FBARs

Explain to the IRS why your tax returns are late.


File 3 years of past due
federal tax returns (2015-2017)

3 years of

tax returns

There are three IRS eligibility rules that must be met

Rule #1

Rule #2

Rule #3

You 'non-willfully' missed the tax filing deadlines

You are not already 

under IRS audit

You have a FBAR

filing requirement