The new financial wellness benefit

Your employees will love you...

...even more than they already do.

 Visor's is the perfect add-on to your benefit package

Benefits are


We'll explain to your employees how to take advantage

No Cost to You 

or Your Employees

Only cover travel costs if you're located outside of the Bay Area

Incredibly Easy

to Administer

No sharing of employee data  - simply schedule a seminar

Seminars and 1-on-1 consultation calls - so your employees aren't alone on their taxes.

Help employees without the legal risk

Visor serves as an outlet for your HR team on tax questions, both work and personal related

Tax Complexity from Work

  • Employer Equity Compensation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Other Tax Advantaged Benefits
  • Expatriate Employees

Tax Complexity from Life Events

  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Home Purchase
  • Investments

Sample Presentation

How it works

Tailored tax advice based on your overall benefits package

Why are we offering all this? We think your employees will love Visor. 

They only pay if they file a tax return with us.

We learn your benefits

Book a call so we can review your benefits package. From 401(k)s to HSAs to equity compensation.

Group seminar

or webinar

Education is key. Bring us onsite or online to explain what your employees must know about taxes.

1-on-1 tax

consultation calls

Special offer. Your employees can get a free 30 minute tax call. Booked via a co-branded website.

Financial wellness programs are on the up

  • 54% of millennials reported they were stressed out over personal finances
  • 20% want help understanding & using their employer benefits
  • 84% of employers now have financial wellness programs
  • 82% of employers expect to offer lunch & learn seminars 
  • 74% admitted they were worried about their tax returns
  • 67% said they wanted to learn more about available tax credits

You're in good company

“We LOVED having you today. What a delightful presentation you gave. Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge.” - Head of People

“Still feeling delighted that we got this going as people were thinking about taxes, and super glad you guys came out! The team really really appreciated [it]." - CEO

Let's Chat!

A tax advisor will explain Visor's financial wellness offering and how we customize to your compensation & benefits.