With Visor, you get the service of a tax professional for the price of tax software. 

Be one of the first 1,000 people to pay for your 2019 taxes and you'll lock in a price of $99, no matter how complex your taxes are.

Lock in the Limited $99 Special

How Visor Works

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3.  Let the Pros Take Over

The days of DIY taxes are over. Visor pairs you with a tax pro that does the heavy lifting for you.

Simple, Transparent Pricing.

2019 pricing (for your 2018 Tax Returns) starts at a base price of $99. Each extra tax situation would add $99 to your price, but locking in the special makes them free.

Prices listed here are for 2019 (your 2018 Tax Returns) . For amendment prices, contact us.

What Makes Us Different.

Free Audit Protection

Other tax services charge extra for Audit Protection. Not Visor; you can rest easy knowing that we've got you covered.

Taxes, Done for You

Our tax pros do all of the work. No more filling out endless forms in tax software or paying high fees to an accounting firm.

Maximum Refund

Our tax pros look for every possible deduction, getting bigger refunds than tax software.

Ready to Lock in Your Price?

We'll take care of the details so you don't have to.